Hello Friends!

Osho Sammmasati Meditation Center is a pathway to a new Buddha-field in New york/New Jersey for many seekers to come together, meditate, celebrate and grow under master’s love. This energy field will be a residential meditation retreat center, which will allow many people to nourish their inner flowering.

During the May 2017 Silent Meditation Retreat with Baba at Upstate NY, Baba blessed us to create a Buddha-field with his vision. His blessing has sparked many hearts to jump and be part of it. These small sparks are growing like a wild fire with tremendous love for the longing to grow and be a part of this development. Here is“Baba’s vison” on his vision for Osho Sammmasati Meditation Center.

With theburst of joy and excitement we would like to invite you to walk this path with us “Get Involved”

Get Involved

hello Folks,

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  • Research

    You can be a part of research team. Research stretches to many areas of this project including social media networking, local Organic farming at the center, organizing events etc. If you have energy and expertise in any field, just drop us a line and we will fly together.

  • Constructions

    If you have experience in construction work, small or big, have creative ideas, orcan do some architecture designs, please drop us a line.

  • Permaculture/Organic local Farming

    We will have space to grow local produce for the center and would like to invite individuals who have expertise in this area. They can share their vision and possibly implement local farming concept with us.

  • Money $$

    One time Donation can range from small amount to a few trailing zero. You can also donate on a monthly reoccurring basis at your comfort level. We are very delighted to share that this offering has been very popular among many friends and Sanyasins.

Any talent such as being a chef, musician, painter or any form of artistic qualities that you have and would like to share with us, please drop us an email with your message, contact number, email address and best time to reach you. We would love to grow with together!